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Ark:Survival Evolved Aklantians[V01S] Server Downtime!

Posted by Mr-Somes on May 14, 2016 at 11:45 AM

Hey All,

I want to report in that today will hopefully be the day I will be swapping out for a new modem to see if I can get some connectivity issues fixed. The downtime could range from 45 minutes to around 2 hours. It depends on the ride there and the speed of service. I will make a post before it is about to be disconnected.

While this is happening I am going to adjust some settings for some stuff like the speed of breeding on the server. Once the changes are made I will post a list when I am back online. For now the server is still up but as soon as the person gets here I will report it going down.

Update: I will be resetting the server today instead of it being down awhile. Due to illness my ride to get the new modem was not able to come today. I will hope to have another ride for Monday.

For now I have removed Advanced Architecture and replaced it with Primitive Extras. I also raised breeding and maturing. Turned up difficulty from .2 to .8 to see if we can get a little higher level dino spawns. Slightly made night go by a little bit faster. Raised harvest amount a bit. Turned up taming speed a bit more. Also,As a bonus and to make up for all of the down times and issues...Starting after this reset Double XP will be started and will last until the downtime for the modem swap on Monday afternoon. 

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