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Ark:Survival Evolved Aklantians[V01S] Server News!

Posted by Mr-Somes on May 23, 2016 at 3:35 PM

Hey All,

Just wanted to give a heads up for next weekend. I will be putting up x3 of our current xp rate for Memorial Day weekend. Plus tons of flare gun ammo and flare gun fireworks skins will be made available for free at the paint shop! 

Also,When the server is back up after the XP boost goes live I will be spawning in free grave stones at the paint shop in game as well. These will be for any fallen dinos that you may want to memorialize.

Aside from that news,difficulty was put to .9 instead of .88 so there will be a small increase to the levels of dinos. I also adjusted the mating to be a tiny bit faster. 2 new mods were also added... Metal Cages Mod 2.0 and Tranquilizer Pike & Bola 1.04.

5/25/16 Update: Mods need updating so the server is going down for a little bit. Should be back up quickly as usual.

5/28/16 Update: A hotfix for 241.5 is live for the new biomes markers. Should be back up quick.

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