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Ark:Survival Evolved Aklantians[V01S] Server Status

Posted by Mr-Somes on June 8, 2016 at 2:55 AM

Hey all,

Due to constant hotfixes and me adjusting and testing the new code options the server has been up and down and will more than likely continue to be until the kinks get worked out. Also,because it seems like I have been the only one on most of the time I will be slowing down on posting the server status a great deal. There is no real point to tell ghosts the server is going down. I will post when I put up double XP and stuff like that though just in case.

To keep everyone posted,I am trying to get the supply drops set to my liking. The purpose for this is so that I can remove a mod or 2. I really want to remove the dehydrator because it is a bit cheaty. Also the same for the kibble machine. Adjusting the drops to drop things like jerky,kibble,event items and mod items will also allow me to remove the supply drop mod aswell. This will set better balance to the server and while it still makes it easier it also requires players to get the drops rather than just kill a single bigfoot for tons of kibble,throw meat in the dehydrator for prime jerky or have pre-made structures without building them. 

This may seem like a bummer to some but with it being set up to be easy,the game gets boring. 

After I get the balance set to be almost perfect to my liking I am considering doing a complete wipe. This also means new characters if I deside to.

More on that though when I confront my players.

Update: Check the server info list in the forum for any changed made to the server. I will not keep posting everything gets a bit distracting and stuff.

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