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Hey V.01,

I am posting here the info for my Unofficial Server on ARK:Survival Evolved. I will try my best to keep the server up at all times,this means even when I am not on or sleeping it will still be live.

There will be times when weather,mod updates,regular game updates,my PC updates or other net interuptions may take it down temporarily but for the most part it is dedicated. My PC specs are mid-grade at best so there will be limts to mods and the amount of players. For the password to access it and join please request it from me by FaceBook,e-mail,comment here or PM me here on this site. As of the moment my steam is $5 locked so I am not able to add people or use features there. Personal friends can also give me a phone call too.

Anyways,hope you might be interested to join!

Server Name: Arklantians[V01S]

Server Info:

  • No True Sky
  • No Titanosaurs (replaced with Quetzals)
  • No Friendly-Fire
  • No Ground Cutter
  • No Bloom or Lightshafts
  • Crosshair Enabled
  • No Proximity Voice Chat
  • Global Voice Chat Enabled
  • Server Password 
  • Auto save intervals about 20 minutes
  • Difficulty is 1.0 (Max level charts)
  • Allowed Flyer Carry & Flyers Forced In Caves
  • XP multiplyer is 5.5
  • Taming speed is 35
  • Harvest Amount is 5.5
  • Slower Player/Dino Food & Water Drain
  • Dino Stamina - Adjusted to drain a bit slower
  • Allowed Cave Building
  • Fast Night Cycle & Longer Day Cycle
  • Breeding,Hatching & Maturing Boosted (Breeding - 0 / Hatching - .65 / Maturing - .80)
  • Allow anyone to cuddle babies after imprint enabled
  • RPG style Damage & Stats pop ups while attacking (amounts per effectivness)
  • Removed diseases
  • Double XP Events,Other Random Events & All Updates (Usually spur of the moment so stay posted to TH3 V.01$ Blog on this site)
  • Disabled 7 day decay limits and 7 day reclaim dino limits.




  • Kibble Machine
  • Auto Torch
  • Better Prime Meat
  • Cv's Bulk Crafters
  • Egg N Poop Collector N Incubator
  • Stairs Mod with Rounded Walls
  • Armored Storage Stands
  • FerratsPanels
  • PUB Mod
  • Primitive Xtras
  • Behemoth Wall Mod
  • Bridges
  • Bonfire
  • Torpor 400
  • THC Capsule 1.10
  • Bore Water Kit
  • Platforms Plus
  • Redwoods Anywhere
  • Structures Plus
  • Redwood Feeding Trough
  • APS: Ark Postal Service 





  • No PVP,tribe wars must be sanctioned and held in a PVP base. 
  • 2 player tribes max. Anyone with more players will be warned and or removed if need be.
  • Cave building at entrances is allowed but no cave bases! Needed structures like forges and log boxes are ok. I will claim and destroy bases built in caves without warning!
  • There are dino limits to 4 per type except for small dinos they are limited to 10. The small ones are (these may be changed and I may add more as new dinos release): lystro,compy,dimorph,monkeys,dung beetle,Angler,penguin,dodo
  • Please no griefing or stealing. Ask people for help,other things,trades and share resources! 
  • Metal,polymer,beaver dams,the volcano and other limited resource areas are not allowed for building! 
  • Streaming/recording is allowed but let others know before you do. Especially if you want no interuptions. 
  • Changes will be made for fairness and balance if need be so be aware of the loss of tames or the requesting of new surviver creation. Adjustments will vary and not be limited to anything. 
  • Role Playing should be done in a 3rd party client. This means it should not be in game chat or voice.
  • Cheat commands are Admin Only. 


There is a limit to max players so request invites from the server host (me,Mr-Somes) before its full. Because my PC is only mid-tier it is probably best I not have too many players so the current limit is 12. There are 8 spots open now.


Let the adventure begin!


Call me Somes...everyone else does :)

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As of now this server is closed. There may be a non dedicated server in the future for testing Dino Freaks. Keep posted for that.


Call me Somes...everyone else does :)

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