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Just wanted to post this to remind myself and to maybe help other video editors and makers have a better end result.

First,I am using an EZcap but the output of quality and size still makes a big difference nomatter what hardware and software you when you capture the video(s) you want to edit it should be captured in 1280 x 720 or 720 x 480. I use Windows Movie Maker so mine are captured at 720 x 480.

Second,always make sure you have the proper aspect ratio set if it is required in any capture options on your software. It should be set to 16:9.

Third,once you have your video in editing software you may need to crop them infamous black bars on the top or sides out of the video. Each software may or may not have a cropping tool but if you have trouble with this I really suggest getting Sony Vegas software.

Fourth,after you are done cropping and editing the video you need to render/save it. Now this is what I have come to find for YouTube videos...I would render them at the size of the source video which was 720 x 480 and they came out ok but YouTube put letter box bars back after I cropped them out. I tried to use 1280 x 720 and still had might be because of the hardware I use but I did some searching and found that 960 x 540 is better for watching embed players and it is the base quality of standard YouTube. With HD-PVR captures you may not have issues with bars at render resolution sizes but be sure to test out this info and see if it helps if you have this problem even with HD-PVR.


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