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Hey all,it has come upon my attention that a trend has been floating around. People have been asking me and others to game share. Now this is not very appropriate to ask of someone you do not know well. Some may find it leaving them looking at the asker as unreliable and untrustworthy. For those of you that do not know why...I shall tell you.

Yes many of people have asked to share map packs and stuff but there is a great deal of personal and possible finacial identification that is at risk when you game share.

See when you want to share something like this it requires you to share your entire account and screen name...along with all your PSN info and also your E-mail & passwords.

This information grants anyone you share with the ability to use your PSN wallet funds,possibly steal your E-mail and account or maybe even get your credit card information.

These are dangers one must have to think about when considering game sharing at all. So if you are looking for a way to share or want someone to share with you...I suggest you know the person well before asking. Asking random people or someone you have not known long is very bluntly stated as stupid and somewhat pointless...unless of course the person you ask is just as stupid.

With all that said,due all some respect and please do not ask for maps and games or whatever it is you want. There are ways to get dlc if you search the internet a bit. There are sites that reward PSN wallet funds and swag...also survey sites that give you points to get credit in certain stores that may sell PSN cards. Otherwise just buy the content if you want it so badly.


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