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Hello all!

I was on home and speaking to a person and the topic of DNS came up. It helps to sometimes change the DNS if there are conflicts or helps a poor connection sometimes basically. So I wanted to list instructions here to help you out if you want to try this out.

PRE-WORK 1) I suggest viewing "Settings and Connection Status List" on the PS3 XMB (cross media bar) under "Network Settings" to get this info for step #7 on this list of directions. What I suggest you write down for reference is:

IP Address

Subnet Mask

Default Router

Primary & Secondary DNS (for back up if the new DNS fails)

PRE-WORK 2) Look up the appropriate DNS you would like to use. There are lists you can find by searching online but most of the time the google DNS works well. The google Primary is and the Secondary is which should be easy to remember. Once you have the pre-work ready you can move on.

1) First you need to go to "Network Settings" on the PS3 XMB(cross media bar).

2) Next,go to "Internet Connection Settings". This is where you will be making selections and stuff for your setup.

3) The first option is to select "Auto or Custom". You need to select "Custom".

4) The second option is to select "Wired or Wireless". Choose the one you use and move on to the next field.

5) Here you will be asked to select the operation mode but just select the default "Auto-Detect".

6) You will come to a option to select your IP Address settings to "Automatic,Manual or PPPoE". Select "Manual" and get your pre-work ready.

7) After selecting "Manual" for IP settings you will need to fill in the listed details needed. If you did the pre-work you are all set to fill in the blanks quickly. If you can't find DNS codes online and need help finding DNS codes I suggest contacting your ISP (Internet Service Provider) for the best options. Sometimes providers have a list of alternate codes to use.

8 ) Next just select "Auto" for the MTU.

9) Next is to set Proxy Server. Unless you use one,just select "Do not Use". (If you use a Proxy than please set that up appropriatly.)

10) Select if you want to use UPnP,if your router has this on and it does not work than try turning it off on the router while it is on with the PS3. Otherwise just leave it really is not too big of a deal.

11) After selecting to use or not use the X button and than test your settings. If it works than try it out and see if it helps at all. What I do is compare the old to the new with the connection speeds and the amount of time it takes the test to finish. If it helps than you are all done. If the problem is still there with lagg and may need to upgrade your service or disconnect other devices to get better service on the PS3. Best of luck!


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